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AT Learning Modules

National Assistive Technology Learning Modules

Free national online training modules provide information related to assistive technology. When viewing modules, IEP teams should work collaboratively to consider the appropriate assistive technology supports based on each student's unique disability-related needs.

National Assistive Technology Learning Modules

Assistive Technology 101

This webinar series was presented in January 2020 by Paula Walser, a Speech and Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Consultant with over 20 years of experience in public education. In this AT 101 webinar series, Paula walks through her Assessing Student Need for Assistive Technology (ASNAT) web page.

Assistive Technology 101 Recorded Webinars
Resources to Support the AT 101 Webinar

Assessing Student Need for Assistive TeIchnology (ASNAT): This page, developed by Paula Walser, walks through portions of the AT 101 webinar and provides information about the steps to take in conducting an AT assessment.

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI): This website contains many materials Paula referred to in her webinar for professionals to use when assessing student need for AT.

Assistive Technology Internet Modules (ATIM): These free internet modules are opportunities for professional development in assistive technology and include case studies.

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

This presentation is from March 2020 and is by Jennifer Schubring, a speech-language pathologist with expertise in Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) and founder of the Building AAC web page. In this AAC webinar series, Jennifer goes through the process of identifying and supporting AAC to ensure students have a voice and opportunity to engage in their education.

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Webinar Recordings
Resources to Support the AAC Webinar

Building AAC: Speech Therapy: This page, developed by Jennifer Schubring, walks through portions of the AAC webinar and provides resources to use with students in modeling use of AAC devices.

Core Vocabulary: This page is the result of a grant-funded research project that found that 85% of words that most communicators use consist of a core vocabulary of about 200 words. This website provides support to professionals working with AAC users to equip students with these words on their core vocabulary bards.

Communication Matrix-Aided Language Stimulation This page includes video examples and how-to ideas for implementing the evidence-based practice of aided language stimulation when working with students who use AAC devices.

Assistive Technology Forward Community of Practice Videos

The following videos were recorded as part of the Assistive Technology Forward Project. Click on the playlist to view all videos or the drop down boxes for individual meeting videos.

10-01-20 Introduction to Assistive Technology Forward
10-12-20 Supporting Parents and Teachers with access to Digital Learning
10-27-20 Accessibility 101: How to Make Your Content Accessible for Your Virtual and Live Content
11-10-20 Accessing and Creating Writing in a Virtual Learning Environment
11-17-20 Universal Design Features to Increase Access and Engagement in a Virtual Environment
12-01-20 Assistive Technology and Accessibility Supports: Setting Students up for Success after High School
12-15-20 Accessing Print in a Virtual Learning Environment
01-12-21 Proactive Strategies to Address Mental Overload during a Pandemic
01-26-2021 Google and Chrome Accessibility Tools for Virtual Learning
02-16-2021 Supporting Students in a Hybrid Learning Environment
03-02-2021 Using the SETT Framework to Plan for AT Assessment, Trials, and Implementation
03-23-2021 Performing Assessments for Assistive Technology in a Virtual Environment: Yes, You Can Do an AT Assessment Virtually
04-13-2021 Assistive Technology Panel: Hear from AT Users
04-27-2021 Assistive Technology and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR
05-18-2021 2020-21 Lessons Learned and Moving Forward
09-20-2021 An Introduction to the AT Forward Project: What's Been Done and Where We are Going
10-05-2021 Who Makes up the AT Team? Identification of Team Roles to Support Student Needs
10-20-2021 Building a Coaching Model for AAC Support
11-08-2021 An Introduction to Assistive Technology for Students and Families
11-16-2021 Sensory Supports To Assist Students with Learning through Technology
12-01-2021 Behavior as Communication
12-16-2021 Universal Design for Learning: Using Technology that Promotes Student Engagement for All
01-10-2022 Assistive Technology in the IEP: Using Data to Document Assistive Technology
01-18-2022 How to Determine the Need for Technology Versus the Benefit
02-02-2022 Accessing Grade Level Content
02-17-2022: Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) Resources: Accessible Electronic Texts for Students with Visual Impairments or Print Disabilities
03-07-2022 Low and No Cost Resources to Support Assistive Technology