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Providing Related Services via Teleservice

Teleservice is defined as the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of services at a distance by linking the practitioner to a student, parent/caregiver or other service provider for intervention and/or consultation, often through related services identified in a student’s Individualized Education Program. Telepractice and telehealth are other terms commonly used in related service professions to describe this type of service delivery model. For the purposes of this guidance, WI DPI makes a distinction between “teleservice” and “telehealth.” Teleservice refers to the definition above, which may or may not include “health” services more broadly.

Teleservice Modules

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The teleservice modules page includes recorded presentations from DPI staff on topics related to foundational practices and considersations when providing services via teleservice during COVID-19. Additional recorded content will be added based on future presentations from the Teleservice Forward project. The modules page also includes a link to a self-paced learning module tha tprovides general information about teleservices.

Teleservice Considerations for Related Services During the 2020-2021 Public Health Emergency


This document was created during the 2020 public health emergency and revised prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year in order to address the provision of speech-language and related services via teleservice due to school building closure as a result of COVID-19.

Teleservice Resources for Educators

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The following resources provide additional information for a variety of related services professionals in schools.