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Special Education Disproportionality - Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment

Important Dates


  • WDPI notifies public agencies required to participate in the Disproportionality - Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment


  • Disproportionality-PCSA materials available for use

November 15
(or next business day)

  • DUE: LEAs submit Disproportionality-PCSA results to WDPI via the web application

(or next business day)

  • Public agencies are notified of noncompliance and actions required for verification of correction
  • Public agencies begin correction of noncompliance
  • Validation activities begin

January 15
(or next business day)

  • DUE: Public agencies submit assurance indicating all student-level noncompliance has been corrected
  • DPI notifies public agencies of verification procedures
  • Sampling period (3 months) for verification of current compliance begins
  • Verification activities for all public agencies begin

April 15
(or next business day)

  • Sampling period for verification of current compliance ends

April 15
(or next business day)

  • List of students for verification of current compliance due to DPI

November 1
(or next business day)

  • All verification activities must be complete
  • Disproportionality-PCSA closed