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Assistive Technology Forward

Introducing the Assistive Technology (AT) Forward Statewide Project and Community of Practice (CoP)

If you want to become a member of the CoP to receive free AT support, access to online modules, and weekly email updates, please click on the “become a member” button and fill out the online form. You can also click on the “CoP Meeting Flier” to register for upcoming CoP meetings and the “CoP Meeting Video Playlist” to view past recordings.

    Assistive Technology Forward

    The Assistive Technology (AT) Forward Project is a project that is part of CARES Act ESSER funding designed to support educators, practitioners, caregivers and families to increase student autonomy in utilizing Assistive Technology tools to support access, engagement, and progress in virtual and distance learning. Assistive Technology Forward will provide a statewide, virtual Community of Practice (CoP) to support AT in virtual and distance learning. By joining this Community of Practice, members will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of AT as well as benefit from the knowledge learned through networking with colleagues statewide. You don’t have to be an assistive technology expert to join. Anyone at any level of knowledge interested in assistive technology are encouraged to join.

    CoP members will have access to:

    • A free membership to Assistive Technology Industry Association (AITA) that includes free online webinars related to Assistive Technology.
    • Access to free one-to-one virtual technical assistance to support the use of AT in virtual and distance learning.
    • Regular updates from the field and ability to share resources with others through a new AT CoP email list.