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Self-Assessment Monitoring Directions & Standards

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Monitoring Directions & Standards

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is responsible for creating and implementing methods to ensure Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) comply with requirements of state and federal special education laws. One of the ways the department fulfills this responsibility is by developing monitoring directions and standards to assess an LEA's compliance with selected requirements in these laws.

The RDA:PCSA Directions & Standards are closely related to improving reading outcomes for students. The emphasis on reading outcomes and the connection to the Results Driven Accountability System is explained in the section below. 

Connection with Results Driven Accountability (RDA) 

The federal Office of Special Education Programs developed Results Driven Accountability (RDA). RDA is an approach to determining program effectiveness that balances procedural compliance with improving results for students with disabilities and their families. States were allowed to choose a focus area for RDA, and based on data and stakeholder engagement Wisconsin chose literacy outcomes. 

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