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Teleservice Modules

Teleservice is defined as the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of services at a distance by linking the practitioner to a student, parent/caregiver or other service provider for intervention and/or consultation, often through related services identified in a student’s Individualized Education Program. For different modules, sort by category below.

DPI Webinars related to Teleservice during COVID-19

Evidence-Based Practice in the Time of COVID-19
This 1.5 hour webinar was part of the OT/PT Conference Fall 2020 and includes best practice considerations applicable to all related service providers when providing teleservices.

Special Education Community of Practice Meeting August 24, 2020: Part 1: Introduction, Teleservice, Ethics, and Facial Coverings
Information outlining the Wisconsin DPI guidance around teleservice was first shared during this community of practice meeting and can be found early on in this 18 minute video.

Related Service Providers Community of Practice Meeting November 19, 2020: Part 1: Teleservice Best Practices
Information regarding best practices when providing teleservices is shared about 6 minutes into this 16 minute recording.

Teleservice Forward Webinars

Tele Mental Health Supports to Engage Online Learners During the Pandemic and Beyond
This webinar is presented by Dr. Aaron J. Fischer, the Dee Endowed Professor of School Psychology, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, and Director of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute HOME Program Interdisciplinary Pediatric Feeding Disorders Clinic at the University of Utah. Dr. Fischer discusses the importance of engaging students who learn online, during the pandemic and beyond. Topics discussed include strategies to deliver group and individual social and emotional supports to students receiving special education or mental health services, as well as consultation around school wide practices. Additionally, ethical practice considerations and specific engagement strategies are highlighted.

This webinar is presented by Dr. Paula Kluth, a consultant, author, advocate, independent scholar, and former special educator. Dr. Kluth addresses ways to foster an inclusive environment during virtual schooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Structures and strategies for connecting children with disabilities and their classmates are discussed, as well as using these tools in schools and classrooms moving forward. 

Teleservice Self-Guided Module

This self-guided module will be available in winter 2021.