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CCR IEP 5 Step Process

CCR Five Step Process

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Handout

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart   CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart with Examples

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart - Word Version

Step 1 - Understand Achievement

Understand achievement of grade-level academic standards and functional expectations to identify the student's strengths and needs.

Step 2 - Identify Effect of Disability and Summarize Needs

Identify how the student's disability affects academic achievement and functional performance, and summarize disability-related needs. 

Step 3 - Develop Goals

Develop ambitious and achievable goals that close achievement gaps and support the unique strengths and needs of the student. 

Step 4 - Align Services

Align specially designed instruction, services, supports, and accommodations needed to support the goals and ensure access to the general curriculum. 

Step 5 - Analyze Progress

Analyze progress towards goals to evaluate what works and what is needed to close the student's achievement gaps. 

Family Engagement Resources

IEP Process Resources

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