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CCR IEP 5 Step Process

CCR Five Step Process

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Handout

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart   CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart with Examples

CCR IEP 5 Step Process Chart - Word Version

Step 1 - Understand Achievement

Understand achievement of grade-level academic standards and functional expectations to identify the student's strengths and needs.

Step 2 - Identify Effect of Disability and Summarize Needs

Identify how the student's disability affects academic achievement and functional performance, and summarize disability-related needs. 

Step 3 - Develop Goals

Develop ambitious and achievable goals that close achievement gaps and support the unique strengths and needs of the student. 

Step 4 - Align Services

Align specially designed instruction, services, supports, and accommodations needed to support the goals and ensure access to the general curriculum. 

Step 5 - Analyze Progress

Analyze progress towards goals to evaluate what works and what is needed to close the student's achievement gaps. 

Resources for all 5 Steps

CCR IEP Step Check Documents: Steps 1-5 Packet

OSERS Policy Guidance on Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Dear Colleague Letter, November 16, 2015

OSERS Policy Guidance on Ensuring Equity and Providing Behavioral Supports to Students with IEPs Dear Colleague Letter, August 1, 2016

OSERS Guidance Preschool Least Restrictive Environments (LRE) Dear Colleague Letter, January 9, 2017

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