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Wisconsin Council on Special Education

Special Education Council Brochure

Are you or someone you know passionate about special education in Wisconsin, collaborative, and willing to share your voice, please consider making a nomination for a three-year term to the Wisconsin Council on Special Education. The Wisconsin Council on Special Education is seeking nominations from parents of students with disabilities, individuals with disabilities, and representatives of private and public institutions of higher education who specialize in special education. The meetings take place quarterly (fall, winter, spring, early summer) from 10:00am – 3:00pm.

The role of the Council is to bring the voice of various special education stakeholders to DPI, advise the State Superintendent, share information from DPI with those stakeholder groups, and provide input on pending rules, regulations, and Wisconsin’s federal reporting to the U.S Department of Education. DPI strives to have advisory councils that reflects the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of Wisconsin. The Council must be comprised of a majority of parents of IDEA-eligible students (age 3-21) or individuals with disabilities, so please include that information in your nomination form. Nomination forms can be sent to Ellen Antoniewicz at any time for consideration for any currently open council seats as well as for new council appointments each school year.

An Advisory Council to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [20 U.S.C. Chapter 33], Sec. 300.167-300.169 and Wisconsin Statutes, Section 15.377(4).

The mission of the Council on Special Education is to promote the education of children with disabilities by providing broad based input to the Department of Public Instruction.

The Council on Special Education is a committee appointed by the state superintendent to advise the Department of Public Instruction and its Division for Learning Support (DLS) in matters related to the education of all children with disabilities in Wisconsin.

The Council's duties include:

  • advising the state education agency of unmet needs in the education of children with disabilities within the state.
  • advising the state education agency in developing evaluations and reporting on data to the federal department of education.
  • advising the state education agency in developing plans to address findings identified in federal monitoring reports.
  • advising the state education agency in developing and implementing policies relating to the coordination of services for children with disabilities and on any other matters upon which the state superintendent wishes the Council's opinion.
  • commenting publicly on any rules proposed by the department regarding the education of children with disabilities.
  • reviewing the findings of facts, and decisions of hearings and appeals brought before the state superintendent.

Citizens may wish to contact the Council with suggestions or concerns regarding:

  • child find activities
  • child and parent rights
  • due process
  • individualized education program development and usage
  • inservice activities
  • least restrictive environment
  • operation of the multidisciplinary team
  • placements
  • use of federal funds
Current Council Co-Chairs:
Shanice Baquet
Judy Conlin
Wisconsin Association of School Boards
Rhinelander, WI

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, supports projects that provide information and technical assistance to states, local schools, educational professionals and families. One of the projects provides resources to members of State Advisory Panels (SAP) (known in Wisconsin as the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council on Special Education). SAP project website