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Assessment Tools for Speech or Language Impairment

Access tools and resources to assist speech-language pathologists (SLPs) with decision making for a speech or language impairment as part of comprehensive special education evaluation. Wisconsin’s speech or language impairment criteria was revised effective August 2021. IEP teams must used the revised criteria for any referral beginning on or after August 1, 2021.

Speech and Language Topics

Click the links below to access resources related to each of the following speech and language topics.


Criteria Guidelines: Speech or Language Impairment (2003)

Speech or Language Criteria Worksheet

Speech or Language Impairment Criteria within a Comprehensive Special Education Evaluation (video playlist)


Considering Speech or Language Impairment as Part of a Comprehensive Special Education Evaluation: Digging Deeper (video coming this fall)

Speech Sound Disorders

Assessment of Speech or Sound Production

Children’s Articulation and Speech Sound Development

Fillable Percentage of Consonants Correct (PCC) Sentence Scoring Form

Fillable Miccio Stimulability Probe

Eligibility Considerations for Speech Rubric

Evaluation of Speech: New Considerations Presentation

Dynamic Assessment

Dynamic Assessment Guidance


Dynamic Assessment Guidance Tool

Incorporating Dynamic Assessment into Evaluations Presentation

Limitations of Norm-Referenced Tests

Significant Discrepancy and Consideration of Speech or Language Impairment

Guidance When Conducting a Comprehensive Assessment for Speech-Language Impairment (YouTube Playlist)

Limitations of Norm-Referenced Tests PowerPoint

Rubrics and Tools

Functional Communication Assessment Summary

Considerations for Speech or Language Impairment

Considerations for Language Impairment

Speech Language Observations: Systematic Recording Methods