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Special Education and Multilingual Learners

Wisconsin DPI Bilingual and English Learner Web Page

Resources on a large variety of topics to support the education of Bilingual and English Learner students.

US Department of Education: English Learner Toolkit: Chapter 6: Tools and Resources for Addressing English Learners with Disabilities

From the US Department of Education Office of English Language Acquisition, this chapter reviews information related to assessment and IEP development. Go to the USDE web page to view the complete English Learner Toolkit.

Regional Educational Academy Resources

Regional Educational Academy: Identifying English Learners with Disabilities
This brief 2 page infographic from the Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Academy provides practical tips for the evaluation of English Learners suspected to have a disability.

Regional Educational Academy: Resources for Determining Special Education Eligibility of English Learners
The Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Academy (REA) developed several additional resources for determining special education eligibility for English Learners.

US Department of Education Office of English Language Acquisition English Learners with Disabilities Fact Sheet

This fact sheet from the US Department of Education provides national disaggregated data from 2017-2018 relating to English Learners with Disabilities.

Wisconsin DPI English Learner Policy Handbook: Chapter 11: English Learners with Disabilities

This chapter outlines legal requirements, special education evaluations, students with specific disability category needs, and a checklist for IEP teams. The full handbook is available on the Wisconsin DPI English Learner Policy Handbook web page.

Wisconsin DPI E-Learning Course: Creating Safe and Healthy Environments for Immigrant and Refugee Youth

This series of four e-courses will help you plan and implement practices that create welcoming environments, learning engagement and success for immigrant and refugee students in Wisconsin schools.

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) English Learners with Disabilities Guide

This guide developed for State Educational Agencies, includes many important messages about how school districts should identify and provide services for English Learners with disabilities.

Colorin Colorado: Special Education and English Language Learners

Information on how schools and families can collaborate to ensure English Learners,including those with special needs, have the appropriate support and services to meet their unique needs.

WIDA Focus Bulletin Identifying ELLs with Specific Learning Disabilities: Facts, Advice, and Resources for School Teams

This May 2017 article from the World- Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) provides practical recommendations for school teams in identifying and supporting English Learners with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Training for Home Language Interpreters: Supporting Families Through the Special Education Process

For those seeking training for home language interpreters for families at IEP meetings, Wisconsin DPI has partnered with WI FACETS, CESAs, school districts, and other organizations to develop a one day training for home language interpreters who interpret for families at IEP meetings. The training provides increased awareness of state and federal laws, regulations and policies related to the educational rights of students who receive special education through an IEP and who may also be English Language Learners. The training also provides increased knowledge of legal responsibilities and requirements related to translation and interpretation of special education, terms, concepts, tools and resources for interpreters. Finally, the training supports improved skills to handle common ethical considerations while interpreting IEP meetings. All of the resources for the training are found on this web page.