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Other Health Impairment


The current eligibility criteria for other health impairment under state law is found at PI 11.36 (10), Wis. Admin. Code. Also see the note at the end of the section.

If a student is found to have an impairment, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team must also determine whether the student has a need for special education.


If a child has been evaluated and found to meet the eligibility criteria for OHI and needs special education and related services, an IEP is developed based on the individual needs of a particular student. The placement for the child is developed to implement the IEP in the least restrictive environment.

Children with OHI frequently present unique challenges to teachers and support staff responsible for meeting the child's educational needs. The following websites can provide more information on specific clinical diagnoses which a child with a disability in the area of OHI or OI may have.