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Special Education Topics Reference

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Parent & Child Rights


Parent & Child Rights
Consent and Revocation of Consent forms
Information Update 10.01,Parent Consent Requirements When Parents Who Share Legal Custody Do Not Agree


Information Update Bulletin 06.02
Information Update Bulletin 07.01
WSEMS Special Education in Plain Language Webpage
WSEMS Special Education in Plain Language PDF
Discipline Strategies to Improve Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment eCourse (Select Part 4, Discipline)
Answers to Frequently Asked Compulsory School Attendance Questions (2009)
Parent & Child Rights
PowerPoint Presentation - provides basic information on special education legal requirements relating to discipline.


Evaluation, Comprehensive Special Education

Extended School Year

Bulletin 10.02, Extended School Year for Students with Disabilities

Graduation Procedures

Information Update Bulletin 10.08

Homebased Education

Home-based (Home Schooling)
Policy Letter: Evaluation for Homebased and Private School Students


Homebound Instruction: A Q & A Document for Families
Homebound Instruction: A Q & A Document for School Districts
Information Update Bulletin 06.02
Services for School-Age Parents, See Question Index

Homeless--Children with Disabilities

OSEP Guidance on Homeless Children with Disabilities
DPI-Education of Homeless Children and Youth web page
Frequently Asked Questions about Homelessness and Special Education

Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Information Update Bulletin 01.04
Parent & Child Rights
Information Update Bulletin 99.02
Special Education in Plain Language

Interim Alternative Educational Setting (IAES)

Parent & Child Rights
Information Update Bulletin 06.02
Special Education in Plain Language

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

Information Update Bulletin 10.03, Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for Preschoolers (age 3-5) with Disabilities
Information Update Bulletin 92.13
Notice of Policy Guidance, Hearing & Deaf, attachment to bulletin 92.13 above
Information Update Bulletin 00.04
Special Education in Plain Language

Medicaid School-Based Services (SBS) & Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC)

Information Update 14.01
Sample Parental Notice (Spanish), Parental Notice for Billing Medicaid for Health-Related Services in Student’s Individualized Education Programs, March 15, 2013
Sample Form M-5 (Spanish), Consent to Bill Wisconsin Medicaid for Medically Related Special Education and Related Services, revised March 15, 2013
Parental consent to bill Medicaid – additional guidance, May 17, 2011
Increased Financial Resources to Support Students with Disabilities--School Based Services: the Unique Partnership of Medicaid and Education
Wisconsin Yearly Schedule for Medicaid Administrative Claiming and Cost Reporting, October 2012
Wisconsin Medicaid Administrative Claiming Revised Annual Payment Schedule, Academic Year 2012-2013


Parent & Child Rights
Special Education Sample Forms

Model Child Find and Referral Notices:

Instructions for Model Child Find and Referral Notices
Child Find Confidentiality Notice, Revised 8/7/08 - English, Spanish, Hmong
Notice to Persons Required to Make Referrals, Revised 8/7/08 - English, Spanish, Hmong


IEP/Placement Timelines (Spanish version)
Placement, Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education

Residency and Responsibility for FAPE

Residency and Children with Disabilities

Specially Designed Physical Education

Specially Designed Physical Education for Students with Disabilities


Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities


Information Update Bulletin 18.01
General Pupil Transportation Services

Twice Exceptional

Gifted and Talented Students with Disabilities