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Transition Readiness Grants

The Transition Readiness Grant (TRG) program was established under 2017 Act 59 (Act 59, the 2017-19 biennial budget) with a base funding of $1,500,000. This program was designed to support Wisconsin’s students with disabilities to successfully transition to competitive work and post-secondary education environments after high school. The inaugural grant program, beginning in FY 2019, accepted more than 130 applications requesting more than $9 million in total aid. The first group of awards went to 37 districts across the state and in all 12 CESAs.

2020-2021 Transition Readiness Grant Awards

The Department is proud to announce the Transition Readiness Grant Awards for the 2020-2021 school year. The $1.5 Million fund was awarded to schools in five evidenced based categories in order to improve postsecondary outcomes for students with disabilities. 2020-2021 awards went to 41 Wisconsin School Districts across all 12 CESAs. Applications for the 2021-2022 grant awards will be available in winter 2021.

2020-2021 Transition Readiness Grant Awards

Application News

School districts and charter schools under Wis. Stat. 118.40(2r) and (2x) are eligible to compete for funding for FY 21 that supports evidence-based practices related to the successful transition from high school for students with IEPs. The $1.5 million fund will support:

  • Transportation options (including contracted services or vehicle purchases)
  • Project SEARCH tuition/supports
  • Post-secondary tuition/supports for students
  • Transition certificates for staff members
  • Training for paraprofessionals.

Grant awards must be not less than $25,000 and not more than $100,000. Substitutions for a funding category will not be allowed.

Funding will be determined based on a competitive process. The Transition Readiness Grant application is now available with a due date of May 1, 2020. Please see the full application for further details.

See the Indicator 14 or Post School Outcomes website for additional directions on completing the application requirements.

20-21 Q&A Webinar

A Q&A webinar for applicants was held on Monday, March 2, 2020. Copies of the webinar materials are linked below. A recording of the webinar can be found on the Transition Improvement Grant's YouTube Channel.

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Previous Grant Years

A summary of the grant program for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Making a Claim

Claims for the TRG program should be made at least twice per school year using The Program Fiscal Report (PI-1086).

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Budget Revisions

Budget revisions can be made at any time. An approved budget must be on file with the Department in order to process a claim for reimbursement.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Transition Readiness Grant program please contact Alicia Reinhard, Statewide Transition and Graduation Consultant at or (608) 266-1146.