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Parentally Placed Private School Data Collection (formerly part of the Additional Data Reporting)

Parentally Placed Private School Data Collection

All school districts are required annually to report on parentally placed private school children through the Special Education Web Portal. Parentally placed private school students are students placed in private schools by their parents and the school district has determined that the student is a student with a disability. The district in which the private school is located submits this data. Student information for the 2013-14 school year is due February 27, 2015. 

Even if the district has no private schools or has private schools but would report zero students, the district must still open the “Parentally Placed Private School Student Data Collection” hyperlink on the Special Education Web Portal Main Menu and save the “0” data. This marks that the district has submitted the required additional data reporting per IDEA. 


Equitable Services under IDEA  

Parentally Placed Private School Data Reporting Questions

Further questions regarding additional data reporting should be directed to the LPP contact for the district.