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Special Education Rights for Parents and Children

The following procedural safeguards notice is based on a model developed by the United States Department of Education, with adaptations for use by Wisconsin School districts and other local education agencies. The first page of the Part B: Procedural Safeguards Notice identifies when the notice must be provided to parents.

Procedural Safeguards with Cover and Communication Options

This version of the Procedural Safeguards notice, booklet style, is formatted with a front cover and the Communication Options for Families described below. There is no change to the actual language of the notice previously posted on the website. The cover page gives districts the option to include their contact information with the procedural safeguards and also includes language to clearly identify that the Procedural Safeguards contains information about options parents have if they disagree with a decision of the school.

Communication Options for Families

This form, included with the revised Procedural Safeguards notice above, allows school districts to identify key contacts that can assist with a parent’s special education questions. The form also includes information on mediation and facilitated IEPs and encourages parents to problem solve locally so that districts and families have more collaborative options.

English: - Communication Options for Families PDF - Communication Options for Families Word

Espanol: - Opciones de comunicación para familias PDF - Opciones de comunicación para familias Word

​Hmong: - Tej Kev Sib Txuas Lus Rau Cov Tsev Neeg PDF - Tej Kev Sib Txuas Lus Rau Cov Tsev Neeg Word

Electronic mail (300.505)
A parent of a child with a disability may elect to receive notices required by §§300.503, 300.504, and 300.508 by an electronic mail communication, if the public agency makes that option available.

Dispute Resolution Options

This resource gives a brief overview of the different dispute resolution options and includes contact information for each option. Please feel free to download and refer to this resource as necessary.

Providing Language Assistance to Parents

Asistencia a los Padres con el Idioma