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School Social Work

School Social Work 

School social workers use a wide range of evidence-based strategies to ensure that students are in the classroom physically and mentally ready to learn. They utilize a strength-based approach that views students and organizations as parts of systems. The functioning of and relationships within and between systems are enhanced to improve student learning. School social workers understand how to go out into the greater community to engage families and community organizations to create better outcomes for students (e.g., increased academic achievement, safety, attendance, and social-emotional-behavioral functioning). School districts usually focus their school social work services on students who are struggling in school due to barriers to learning that may exist within the students or their environments.

New School Social Worker Resource Sharing Sessions

This is an opportunity geared towards individuals new or fairly new, to the field of school social work - all school social workers are welcome. Drop in to chat about resources available through DPI, ask practice questions, and get support from the state’s school social work consultant and special guests. General session topics are provided, however discussions may stray from the topic. This is not a training and does not supplant coursework from a university program, but instead it is another place to ask questions and learn about state and national resources. These sessions will not be recorded, however resources shared will be added to this webpage.

These sessions are drop-in and no registration is needed.

Connect with the School Social Work Program Consultant

In Wisconsin, the DPI has a position called School Social Work Consultant, whose job is to support the field in understanding and implementing best practices and provide guidance on a range of topics that impact students across the state. Anyone can reach out with questions, concerns, feedback, or support including school social workers, teachers, other pupil services providers, administrators, parents, and even students.

Current DPI School Social Work Consultant: Julie Incitti, MSW, CAPSW

Phone: (608) 266-0963

Connect by calling, emailing, joining the School Social Work email list

For questions about this information, contact Julie Incitti (608) 266-0963