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State School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program

Please note, this is a different grant than the federally funded School-based Mental Health Professionals Grant. For more information, see the Federal School-based Mental Health Grant Program webpage below.

Federal School Based Mental Health Grant Program

School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program

This is a 2 year grant aligned with the Wisconsin biennial budget. The next grant competition will begin in winter of 2021 with funding running from July 1, 2021-June 30, 2023.

The most recent budget provided funding, beginning in fiscal year 2019, to create a new mental health grant program (Wis. Stat. sec. 115.367). The Department of Public Instruction will award grants to school districts, and operators of independent charter schools, to be used for the purpose of providing mental health services to pupils, in collaboration with community health agencies. Strategies may include co-locating community mental health clinics in schools and providing screening and intervention services. School boards and independent charter schools may apply for a grant individually or as a consortium of school boards, charter schools, or both; also, Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) can be considered a consortium of school boards. Per statute, private schools are not eligible to apply.

2021-2023 Application Materials & Supports

Key Dates 2020-2021

January 2021

Materials for the 2021-2023 competition will be available here

May 3, 2021 Grant applications due
Summer 2021 Grant awards announced

Current Grantees

2019–20 School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Awards Announced

106 applicants were awarded funding through the School-Based Mental Health Services Grant Program.

Budget Change Request Form

School-Based Mental Health Services Grant End-of-Year Report

School Mental Health Spotlight Template - Share Your Story!

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