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Training and Technical Assistance

Trauma Sensitive Schools Awareness Training

DPI has collaborated with SaintA, Trauma Sensitive Education, LLC, the Wisconsin Safe and Health Schools Center, the 12 CESAs, and the Wisconsin Coalition of Religious and Independent Schools to develop a 3-hour Trauma Sensitive Schools Awareness Training.

This training will support schools in beginning the transformative journey towards becoming a Trauma Sensitive School. Covered topics include Adverse Childhood Experiences, the universal approach to Trauma Sensitive Schools, and the importance of staff wellness. Participants will end the training with ideas of how to further the journey. This training will satisfy the 3-hour ACE/TSS training requirement as outlined in the Department of Justice’s Critical Incident Stabilization Funds.

Go to Trauma Sensitive Schools Awareness Training for a list of trainers.

Contacts for Training and Technical Assistance in Wisconsin

Local CESA Support

Each CESA provides technical assistance, training, resources, and coaching support for building a trauma sensitive school.

CESA Contacts:


Trauma Sensitive Education


Wisconsin Safe and Healthy Schools (WISH) Center


Trauma Informed Education Skills (TIES)

The staff at TIES offers on-site and regional trainings in the following areas:

  • ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • Chronic Trauma – Impacts and Interventions
  • Advanced Educator Skills with Tier 2 & 3 Youth
  • TIES – Preschool Focus
  • Educator Wellness Skills

Training information and pricing can be found here.


Wisconsin School Counselor Association