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Trauma Sensitive Schools Evaluation

Trauma Sensitive Schools Fidelity Tool


  • ARTIC Short Version Online
  • ARTIC Short Version(pdf)

    Note: The ARTIC is password protected so that only those schools participating in the Trauma-Sensitive Schools Professional Development Project can access it, as per the terms of our license. Participating schools received the password in an email. If you are such a school and do not remember the password, send an email to one of the evaluation consultants listed below.

    Please make the ARTIC available to all teachers in your building, either online or in paper form. If using the paper version, please collect and mail or fax all responses together. You will then receive a summary of your data from DPI. If using the online version, please let DPI know when all of your teachers have completed the ARTIC. At that point we can send you a report summarizing your ARTIC results. To do this, send a message requesting your ARTIC report to Kerry Lawton.
For questions about this information, contact Kerry Lawton (608) 267-2276