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Pandemic Outbreak Management Measures

Pandemic Outbreak Management Measures

A school district’s ability to keep their students and staff safe and healthy is dependent on knowledge regarding pandemic planning and recommended strategies for illness management. This webpage contains resources and tools to assist with the following:

  • Awareness of illness outbreaks with surveillance guidelines and tools,
  • Education of the illness prevention strategies with posters and pandemic illness prevention curriculum,
  • Implementation of illness management strategies including exclusion criteria,

School collaboration with local public health departments, medical providers and emergency management personnel is critical to providing safe and effective care.

Communicable Disease Prevention

Communicable Disease Prevention

Lessons on Communicable Disease Prevention K-12
K-12 lessons on teaching about communicable disease prevention. Ten lessons, four elementary, three middle, and three high school that present this issue in a highly interactive and engaging way.
Childcare facilities, K-12 schools, and institutions of higher education play an important role in protecting the health of their students, staff, and community. Learn more about how you can help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like pandemic flu at school.
Exclusion Criteria - Under Development

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