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COVID-19 Information for School Health Services

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The DPI agency-wide web page covers basic information about the novel coronavirus, critical government updates, and information on instructional areas and resources for schools.

This webpage is designated for COVID-19 information relevant to School Nurses or Health Services Professionals. Practicing 21st Century School Nursing Wisconsin school nurses use the key principles of Community/Public Health, Leadership, Quality Improvement, and Care Coordination as they respond to situations involving SARS-CoV2 (2019 novel coronavirus) and COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). The following resources are provided to assist school nurses in mitigating the effects of the COVID-19 on their school communities.

COVID-19 Guidance Documents

School Health Services Interim COVID-19 Infection Control and Mitigation Toolkit (10.15.20)

new Summary of Revisions to CDC/DHS/DPI Guidance for Schools (4.9.21)

new Vaccination for Educators Planning Checklist

new Logistical Considerations for Hosting COVID Vaccination Clinics Onsite

new Overview of COVID-19 Training Module

new PPE Awareness Training for Schools-COVID-19 Module

new DPI COVID-19 Testing Basics in Wisconsin Schools

new Post-Vaccination Guidance for Schools

School Health Services Infection Control and Mitigation

Communicating COVID-19 Infection Control, Mitigation and Behavioral Expectations


Professional Practice Resources

Education Forward and Workplace
School Nurse

These resources are intended to support school nurses. Schools should be in contact and work with their local public health departments prior to beginning any contact tracing efforts.

newDPI COVID-19 Testing Basics in Wisconsin Schools

new COVID-19 Vaccinations for Educators - This non-branded PowerPoint can be used and adapted by school nurses and school districts to provide general information on COVID-19 vaccines to promote vaccine acceptance. Multiple resources are listed at the end of the PowerPoint that can be used by school nurses to increase knowledge about COVID-19 vaccines. Several vaccine related pictures are included for your creative use. 

Resources for Supporting Students With Special Needs

Autism and the Coronavirus: Resources for Families

During the coronavirus crisis, many families who have children with autism spectrum disorder are coping with the suspension of both school and essential services. Additionally, children with autism often have difficulty adjusting to the disruption of their routine and environment. (Child Mind Institute’s Autism Center 4/10/20)

Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs in Emergencies Webpage (CDC)

Provides resources to plan and care for children with various health conditions for urgent or constant medical needs, difficulty communicating or have trouble with transitioning to different situations. Includes emergency plans, transportation, access and functional needs. (CDC 1/6/21)

COVID-19: Information for Families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Provides information on ways parents and caregivers can help themselves, their families, and their children with special health care needs meet their safety, growth, and health care needs during the COVID-19 outbreak: (American Academy of Pediatrics 2/18/21)

Information for School Nurses from the Specialized Health Needs Interagency Collaboration (SHNIC)

Provides resources for providing direct care, managing the health care plan, educating staff about emergency plans, identifying possible classroom accommodations for the student, as well as providing resources for parents for students with special health care needs. (Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore MD 2/2021)


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Designated for COVID-19 information relevant to Student Services/Prevention and Wellness. The SSPW team covers Safe Schools, Pupil Services, School Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA), Health Education, and Expanded Learning Opportunities.

See the Student Services/Prevention & Wellness and COVID-19 webpage

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Pandemic Planning 

Every school needs to develop a plan to address a possible influenza pandemic. Making this plan part of the school’s overall crisis or safety plan allows the developers to move ahead quickly using many of the components which are already in place.

See the Pandemic Planning Tools webpage

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School Nurse Communication

The School Nurse Newsletter provides bi-weekly updates provide DPI News pertaining to school nurses and health service professionals; this includes new resources, upcoming training opportunities, and any updates from National and State Health agencies. 

See the School Nurse Communications webpage 

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