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Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a federal program through the US Department of Education used to apply for financial aid for college or career/technical school. Federal student aid includes grants, student loans, and work study. The data from the FAFSA application is used by post-secondary schools to determine federal aid eligibility. The FAFSA may also be required to determine eligibility and awards for state or school aid and various scholarship opportunities.

Promoting FAFSA Filing

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Promoting FAFSA completion is a vital step to students' attainment of their post-secondary training goals. Providing all students with information about the why and the how of FAFSA completion ensures universal and equitable access to post-secondary training.


FAFSA Filing Support

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Using a tiered approach provides appropriate levels of FAFSA support, Tier I includes FAFSA campaigns, financial aid events, advisory/homeroom periods, classroom lessons, and resource sharing. Tier II includes offering mini-workshops or setting up office hours. Tier III includes meetings with students who are stuck or have unusual circumstances, and referring out.

FAFSA Data Sharing Agreements

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The US Department of Education gives states limited access to student level FAFSA application status data which allows school counselors and homeless liaisons to support students with filing the FAFSA. Data sharing agreements filed with DPI are required for districts to access this data.

FAFSA Supports for Unique Situations

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Some students have unique challenges when applying for financial aid and completing the FAFSA. Supporting students and providing resources available to assist students overcome these challenges in navigating the financial aid process will increase access to postsecondary pathways.
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