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Roadmap for School Mental Health System Improvement


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The Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework provides a vision for building more equitable, comprehensive, integrated, and formalized systems for promoting well-being in schools. Regardless of a school or district’s current school mental health infrastructure, school leaders can utilize a formalized change process to identify entry points into building a Comprehensive School Mental Health System (CSMHS).

Roadmap for School Mental Health Improvement

For more information on how the Roadmap for School Mental Health Improvement supports the Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework, check out the CSMH From Theory to Action Guide.

new Roadmap for School Mental Health Improvement Webinar Series. If interested in attending, please register for each webinar separately. All webinars will be recorded.See the flyer for registration information.

Tools for Continuous Improvement

The Fishbone Tool helps teams to engage in root cause analysis through visual exploration of the relationship between a problem and its potential causes. By better understanding the underlying factors contributing to a problem and organizing them in a meaningful way, teams can generate useful solutions to a problem.

The Driver Diagram is a tool used to visually represent a team’s working theory of improvement. This visual map is a key collaboration tool for improvement teams because it provides a common language and organizes efforts across many individuals coming together to solve a common problem.

The Empathy Interview Tool outlines a qualitative data collection strategy that uses interviews to understand an experience from the perspective of the interviewee.  Using empathy interviews ensures that the diverse lived experiences of those most impacted are centered in the improvement process.

Measurement Planning Tool - Measurement plans helps teams to answer the question, “how will we know if the change is an improvement?” by continuously using data to inform improvement work.