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Wisconsin Physical Education and Physical Activity

School physical education curriculum, instruction, and assessment involves planning, implementing, and assessing a developmentally appropriate PreK-12 standards-based curriculum that covers critical physical education content, skills, and dispositions.

Information for Physical Education Standards Revision 

Wisconsin's Standards for Physical Education began the review and revision process in summer 2019. Specific information about the standards review process can be found on DPI's webpage for standards.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has a transparent and comprehensive process for reviewing and revising academic standards. The process began with a Notice of Intent to review and a public comment period from July 9 through August 30, 2019. The State Superintendent’s Standards Review Council examined those comments in September, and recommended to revise the standards. The State Superintendent decided to move forward with the revision process.

The public survey yielded an overwhelming response for Wisconsin to use the SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards and Grade Level Outcomes. The writing committee, consisting of higher education faculty, elementary, middle, and high school physical educators and administrators, recommended to the State Superintendent the Wisconsin physical education standards and performance indicators be constructed using the SHAPE America Standards and Grade Level Outcomes as a foundational guide. The committee also advocated for creating grade-level performance indicators for K-8, and adding a third level for high school, to better support the Wisconsin 1.5 credit graduation requirements. With approval, the writing committee drafted the new standards and performance indicators.

The first draft was released on January 28, 2020 for public review and was provided to the education committees of the legislature. After the 30-day comment period ends, the State Superintendent’s Standards Review Council will provide further review. The State Superintendent then determines adoption of the standards.

To review and comment on the draft standards, use this survey. Survey is open until February 28th.

For those who prefer, feedback can also be provided in person at the following listening sessions:

  • Oshkosh: 2/10, 4pm - 6pm, CESA 6 - 2300 State Road 44, Oshkosh, WI
  • Madison: 2/11 – 4pm to 6pm, Department of Public Instruction, Room P41 - 125 S. Webster St., Madison, WI

The Wisconsin State Physical Education Standards Writing Committee: Brett Fuller, Co-chair; Penny Kroening, Co-Chair; Deb Sazma; Brock McMullen; Anita Mattek; Mikki Duran; Shannon Maly; Patty Kestell; Sandee Ortiz; Will Westphal; Jo Bailey; Karen Albert; Erica Molitor; Todd Dalle Ave

For questions about this information, contact Sally Jones (608) 267-9234