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Student Services/Prevention and Wellness Team Directory

Name Position Program Area Phone
Susan Piazza Director SSPW Team 266-5198
Brenda Jennings Assistant Director SSPW Team 266-3889
Brianna Stier Operations Program Associate SSPW Team 266-7051
Elizabeth Pease Office Operations Associate Title IV-A, Coordinated School Health, Health/PE, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse, Tobacco, Project AWARE 267-9240
Sarah Calvin Office Operations Associate School Counseling, School Nursing and Health Services, School Psychology, School Social Work, Suicide Prevention, Driver Education 264-9548
Mary Croy Office Operations Associate 21st Century Community Learning Centers Programs 267-9239
Gregg Curtis Consultant School Counseling Programs, Homebound Instruction, Suicide Prevention 266-2820
Brian Dean Consultant Driver Education/Traffic Safety Education Programs, AODA, School Safety 266-9677
Beth Herman Consultant Social and Emotional Learning, Mental Health Grant, and Youth Mental Health First Aid 267-9242
Molly Herrmann Consultant HIV/AIDS, Youth Risk Behavior Survey ProgramAdvancing Wellness and Resiliency Education (AWARE) 264-9550
Emily Holder Consultant Title IV A, School-Age Parent InSPIRE Grant Program, Prevention Education 267-9170
Julie Incitti Consultant School Social Work Services 266-0963
Sally Jones Consultant Health Education, Physical Education, Coordinated School Health, Tobacco 267-9234
Liz Krubsack Consultant School Mental Health 264-6719
Teri LeSage Consultant 21st Century Community Learning Centers Programs 267-5078
Kerry Lawton Consultant Program Evaluation 266-2829
Kate McCoy Consultant Program Evaluation, Youth Risk Behavior Survey Program, Online Youth Risk Behavior Survey 266-0506
Tanya Morin Consultant 21st Century Community Learning Centers Programs 267-9393
Timothy Peerenboom Consultant School Psychology Programs, School Mental Health 266-1999
Polly Tubbs Grants Specialist   266-3459
Louise Wilson Consultant School Nursing and Health Services, Environmental Health 266-8857
Alison Wineberg Consultant 21st Century Community Learning Centers Programs 267-3751
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