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System Assessment

System Assessment

One impactful tool for assessing a district or school’s mental health system is the School Mental Health Quality Assessment (SMHQA). The SMHQA is housed in the School Health Performance and Evaluation System (SHAPE). Developed by the National Center for School Mental Health, SHAPE is a public-access platform that offers schools and districts a free online workspace and targeted resources to support school mental health quality improvement. The seven quality domains included in SHAPE’s SMHQA align with the six components of the Wisconsin School Mental Health Framework.

Additional Tools for Continuous Improvement

The Fishbone Tool helps teams to engage in root cause analysis through visual exploration of the relationship between a problem and its potential causes. By better understanding the underlying factors contributing to a problem and organizing them in a meaningful way, teams can generate useful solutions to a problem.

Influencer Circle Tool - The influencer process guides teams to prioritize the likely root cause that has the greatest influence on other root causes.

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