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Social and Emotional Learning for Students

SEL for Students

Making social and emotional learning (SEL) skills part of the learning equation helps children succeed in school and life. With social and emotional skills, children can manage their feelings, build healthy relationships, and navigate social environments. When adults are supported by good policies and training, children develop the skills needed to prepare them for the world.

Why it matters:

  • Students receiving comprehensive social and emotional learning instruction increased their achievement test scores by 11 percentile points.
  • The soft skills developed by social and emotional learning are exactly what 59 percent of hiring managers surveyed look for in new hires.
  • Columbia University found that an $11 return resulted from each $1 invested in SEL.
  • A nationally representative survey of PK-12th grade teachers found that 93 percent believe SEL is very or fairly important for the in-school student experience.

For a print version of this information please download the Social and Emotional Learning in Wisconsin PK-12 Schools infographic. Please also learn more about the benefits of SEL from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

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