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Wisconsin Pupil Services Evaluation System: School Nurse


The Wisconsin Pupil Services Evaluation System is an optional professional evaluation system for school nursing and the other three pupil services professions of school counseling, psychology, and social work. It is parallel in format and rigor to the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. Pupil services professionals may develop a Pupil Services Evaluation Plan (PSEP) in Frontline Education Platform© for each year in the Evaluation Cycle or may use other formats available to school districts (see below). See the Wisconsin Pupil Services Evaluation System for more information.

School Nurse Evaluation Rubric
The School Nurse Evaluation Rubric outlines the components of school nurse practice, based on the American Nurses Association and the National Association of School Nurses Standards of Practice. Five of the components are required, as they represent the practices which are common to all school program needs. Three of the components are optional, as schools have discretion about which of these practices are expectations for school nurses’ practices in the school or district.

Sample Student and Program Outcomes

Examples of School Nurse Evidence Sources

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