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Data Collection

School Nurse Data Collection

The Wisconsin School Health Services Report survey is designed to collect annual school nursing and health services data from each school district in order to develop a cumulative statewide picture of school health services. The 2019-20 school year has been unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic closed Wisconsin schools (both public and private) for a significant portion of the school year. Yet, it remains important to collect what school health data school districts are able to data mine and report. Understandably, given the circumstances and limitations imposed by school closings, the data set reported will not be complete.

Data collection will provide the Department of Public Instruction, state, and national stake holders with information regarding the delivery of health services to Wisconsin’s public and private school children. When high percentages of school districts submit data, it provides a snapshot of the health care needs of our state’s school-age children. This information is important in advocating for school health services to keep students safe, healthy, and ready to learn!

This report is strictly voluntary. Data is entered once per school district. Private or charter schools are invited to submit data if it is not already part of an aggregated district. No personally identifiable information is collected. Only one person from each district should total and submit data for the 2019-2020 school year. Contact information for this individual is for follow-up only.

Please note the definition related to each data point/question. Correctly reporting data insures validity and increases its usefulness in accurately representing Wisconsin School Health Services.

Please submit district data by August 15, 2020 by clicking on the link below. It is recommended you print out a copy (template) of the report and fill in the information before clicking on the link to enter the data. Once you begin entering data each completed page is automatically saved, so if you must return to complete data entry at another time you may do so without starting over if you use the same computer or device if you have not deleted the cookies in your browser. You can re-enter the report by clicking the same link that brought you here. If you have not collected the information or do not have access to the data please advance to the next section and complete the parts you are able to complete.

For questions about this information, contact Louise Wilson (608) 266-8857