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Social and Emotional Learning Teaching and Learning

Aligning SEL and Teaching and Learning

As you work to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into all that you do, whether in a district, school, or out-of-school time program, it is important to consider how SEL aligns with and supports other teaching and learning objectives. Below you will find various alignment tools between specific disciplines and the Wisconsin SEL Competencies.

SEL and Career Readiness

Career readiness is strengthened and realized through the weaving together of SEL competencies and career readiness skills. Strong social and emotional skills and career readiness skills are essential, and employers have continually cited their importance in the workforce. Weaving together SEL and career readiness skills and integrating them into school and community settings has many benefits, most importantly, promoting student success and ensuring youth graduate ready for career, community, and lifelong learning. This integration of SEL and career readiness skills can also enhance relevance for students, develop collaborative efforts among stakeholders that break down silos, and streamline implementation efforts. The SEL and employability skills crosswalk, as well as other integration efforts by DPI, including our new report, Wisconsin’s Guide to SEL and Workforce Readiness: A Powerful Combination, provides resources that support districts in weaving these standards together and integrating them into policies, practices, and programs.

In addition to the crosswalk, the DPI is creating a database of "Exemplars of Practice" that will include frameworks, lessons, and program activities that help youth understand the connection between SEL and Employability Skills as they develop and strengthen both skill sets. Here is an example of an SEL & CTE Exemplar of Practice for your referenceWe are excited to have you share your SEL & CTE Exemplar of Practice by completing this form, so that we can share resources and best practices with other educators, work-based learning coordinators, and OST program leaders. Submissions will also continue to be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Would you like to see an example of how career readiness and SEL can work together? Check out the video below from the Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Employers desire team members who have strong social and emotional skills to assist in the sustainment of a strong, caring, and compassionate company culture. We believe that culture is a driving force to keeping employees engaged, retained, and happy at work. Individuals who have these particular skill sets are leaders as they are able to engage and motivate across all personality types. Thus setting themselves up for a prosperous career. We are always looking to add individuals with these skill sets to our team; they are invaluable and make a difference in our organization.” - Dawn A. Webber, Director of HR at Royle Printing

You can also learn more about the role SEL plays in academic and career planning (ACP) here.  

Information and Technology Literacy

Social and emotional learning is the connection to perspective and the ability to understand how decisions will affect others. Students need to demonstrate empathy, compassion, respect, and intelligent behavior while navigating and making decisions online. These behaviors need to be taught and modeled in school and at home for students to truly understand the impact. Social and emotional learning skills are crucial in connecting character and healthy online decisions. The Wisconsin Standards for Information and Technology Literacy align with the Wisconsin SEL Competencies and can be easily integrated into any content area. You can also learn more about online safety and SEL here.

Wisconsin Social and Emotional Learning Competency Crosswalk with ITL Standards

School Counseling

Programming implemented by school counselors (either directly through classroom or small group lessons or indirectly through the creation or coordination of homeroom and advisory lessons) can address both school counseling standards and SEL competencies. These alignment tools crosswalk the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets and Behaviors with the Wisconsin SEL Competencies. For brevity and organization, one tool is for the SEL Competencies grades PK through 5, and the other is for grade 6 through adult.

Social and Emotional Learning Competencies and ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors Alignment


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