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Suicide Prevention Screening Resources

Suicide Prevention Screening Resources

One of the best ways to identify youth at-risk for suicide is through screening. There are many things that need to be in place before implementing a screening program.

Before implementing screening, make sure that staff have been trained in suicide warning signs, referral procedures, and that pupil services staff are prepared to respond to a student who may be thinking about suicide.

Below are some basic preparatory steps.

  • Seek approval from administration and school board
  • Engage pupil services team support
  • Identify and notify community resources of screening
  • Select a valid and reliable instrument
  • Determine whether you will use active or passive parent consent
  • Inform parents and students of their right to opt out
  • Alert/train staff and parents on gatekeeper training, screening tool, protocols, and available resources
  • Determine who will interview individual students
  • Determine who will contact parents and when
  • Determine who will provide follow-up/case management and specific procedures to follow
  • Evaluate/reflect on data and program with staff involved
  • Revise/update program

Go to this link for more specific guidelines for implementing screening.

Materials to help your research before implementing. This is not an exhaustive list.

Proactive tools that are on the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's (SPRC) Best Practice Registry include:

For more information on evidence-based tools go to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

Some risk assessment tools available for reactive/individual screening include:

For questions about this information, contact (608) 266-8960