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WI School Health/WSCC Award

About the Award

Equitable schools create a learning environment where students are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged! These schools help students achieve their full academic potential as well as supporting them in developing lifelong healthy behaviors. They recognize that what happens in the classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria, at school events, at home, and in the community are interrelated and can reinforce healthy behaviors. In an effort to improve schools and school systems, the Wisconsin School Health/WSCC Award aims to support collaborative engagement to minimize achievement gaps. In addition, the Wisconsin School Health/WSCC Award is a way to recognize and celebrate schools with policies, programs, and the infrastructure to promote and sustain a healthy learning environment.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is committed to assisting schools in addressing the barriers which impede students ability to meet their maximum potential. Systematically supporting all areas/levels within education (students, educators in schools, school building level, LEA, regional agency, state education agency) is the best chance at accomplishing big goals.

As DPI continues to develop initiatives to help schools support the mission and vision of ensuring every student graduates college and career ready, alignment between those initiatives and the Wisconsin School Health/WSCC Award will be imperative going forward. We want the awards program to be in concert with meeting the overarching goals of reducing achievement gaps.

To support this ongoing mission, even in a pandemic, DPI has teamed up with Children’s Hospital and Kohls Cares to provide a resource to specifically support mental health. With schools having to focus on so many ongoing changes we are not requiring schools to complete the Action For Healthy Kids abbreviated School Health Index Assessment for this year.

How to Apply: 2020-2021 WI School Health/WSCC Award 


For this year only, completion of the Children's Hospital, Mission: Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools Challenge, Healthy Minds, replaces the 2021 Wisconsin School Health Award.

The Challenge runs from March 1 - April 30, 2021. To qualify, you need to have your executive summary and presentation submitted by April 30, 2021. Schools who meet the deadline will be entered into a drawing to win one of 20 $1,000 awards to support their initiative.


For questions about this information, contact Tacara Lovings (608) 224-6170, (608) 266-8960