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About the WISExplore Project

Using data effectively can be a new challenge! To address this, DPI partners with the CESA Statewide Network (CSN) to develop a common data inquiry process for teachers and school leaders statewide. This team is called WISExplore.

WISExplore partners help educators to actively discuss the data available through WISEdash portals and other sources. The partners help school staff grow internal capacity for data inquiry, and to design and implement a thoughtful school improvement action based on their analyses.

WISExplore Project Mission

The purpose of the WISExplore Project is to design, develop, pilot and disseminate a consistent data inquiry process for use by school boards, administrators and classroom educators to improve student achievement in Wisconsin. 

WISExplore Partners

In addition to the Department of Public Instruction, the WISExplore Team is collaborating with key educational programs including Title I, Special Education, English Language Learning, RTI Center, and the Value Added Research Center (VARC).

Process feedback

The WISExplore Work Team is in the process of piloting and receiving feedback on the WISExplore data inquiry process. The process includes e-learning modules and valuable data inquiry methods, free to use by Wisconsin educators. 

Next Steps

For assistance in data inquiry from a WISExplore coach, please contact us at:

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Data Quality Campaign Resources


  • Who Uses Student Data? (Most personal student information stays local. Districts, states, and the federal government all collect data about students for important purposes like informing instruction and providing information to the public. But the type of data collected, and who can access them, is different at each point. From schools to the U.S. Department of Education, see how student data are—and are not—accessed and used.)
  • Ms. Bullen's Data-rich Year (Follow one teacher and one of her students through the school year to see how data help teachers, parents, and others make sure students are meeting education goals)
  • Mr. Maya's Data-rich Year (Follow one principal along with his leadership staff and team of teachers (and parents!) through a school year to see how data help him enable teachers and students to set and meet education goals—and to continually improve)
  • DQC Questions Tool (Interactive web guide! Pull stakeholder and action issue items into a questions tool to see the types of questions that are being asked and learn more about what types of data are useful to answering them—and why.)

SLDS Data Use Standards Workgroup