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The WI Educator Effectiveness System

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The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System
is a learning-centered, continuous improvement
system designed to improve the education of all
students in the state of Wisconsin by supporting
guided, individualized, self-determined professional
growth and development of educators.

 2022-23 School Year Revamp

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We are pleased to announce that new flexibilities, supports, and revised documents are now available to educators and schools implementing the state Educator Effectiveness (EE) model. Streamlining the system, expanding supports, and creating clarity were the focus of these changes.

 New EE flexibilities include:

  • Reduced calibration requirements for evaluators of teachers.
  • Reduced and simpler orientation requirements for new teachers and principals.
  • Self-review as evidence options.
  • Integrated student learning objective and professional practice goal option.
  • Reduced time to complete calibration.

New and Revised EE documents include:
(find them all at Resources and Training)

  • EE Six Requirements (one page)
  • EE Six Requirements in Practice
  • Teacher Evaluation User Guide
  • Principal Evaluation User Guide
  • EE Flexibilities for 2022-23

 New EE tools include:

 Free Professional   Development Library

All WI educators in the EE System can access a free, extensive library of professional development materials through LinkedIn Learning. Request a subscription from the DPI with the link above.

Certification & Calibration for Evaluators of Teachers

DPI-provided materials replace the use of Teachscape for the completion of certification and calibration activities. Training takes ~4 hours to complete. Collaborative observation activities improve inter-observer reliability.

Online Help Center for Support of Frontline EEM

Articles and how-to resources for state model Frontline platform users for educators, evaluators, and platform managers. Supports include updates, training opportunities, and ability to submit questions or requests.