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Documentation of Evaluation Processes

EE System Tools

Evaluator Training, Certification, & Calibration

For the 2022–23 school year, DPI-model evaluators of teachers may fulfill initial certification or recertification requirements and calibration activity requirements by successfully completing DPI-provided materials and activities.

Need to certify or recertify?
Certification training may be completed at a time that works for the individual or facilitated locally. This tool is available for the 22-23 school year and replaces Teachscape. Certification and recertification through this tool is valid only for this school year. The training module takes approximately four (4) hours to complete.

See the 2022-23 Teacher Evaluation Training Protocol for details and registration to access the materials.

Need to calibrate?
See the 2022-23 Teacher Evaluation Evaluator Calibration Protocol for details on the calibration activity.

Evaluation Record-keeping & Management:  Frontline Education Employee Evaluation Management (EEM) online platform (formerly MyLearningPlan-MLP)

DPI is providing access to the Frontline Education Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan-OASYS, MLP) online platform as an available option for documenting evaluation processes. The platform streamlines processes, shared information, and detailed district reports. It is reliable and simple to use.

DPI offers flexibility to districts and 2R charters to use the record-keeping tool that best supports EE processes, growth conversations, and records collections aligned to local needs and policies. To download optional Google format process forms, see Resources & Training.

For more details:  Information on tools for documenting evaluation processes