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Principal & AP EE Process Forms

Districts and 2R charters using the state model have options for tools to support, document, and create records for the EE learning-centered processes and evidence. Select pieces of any option may be chosen for use and/or combined in ways that work well within each district's local context.

Principal EE Process Forms

We are excited to offer growth-focused Educator Effectiveness (EE) System record-keeping tools in Google format to support your local processes better! We hope that these record-keeping tools support you in your professional growth-focused processes.


  • Identification of areas for growth or areas of strength ties together the self-review, goal-setting, and feedback processes

  • Professional Growth Portfolio displays information from all EE processes for a one-stop shop to review, reflect, and download for record-keeping.

  • Established focus areas for the year are displayed across forms to inform evidence collection and professional conversations.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

This version of EE forms is formatted with ALL of the Educator Effectiveness (EE) process forms combined into ONE FILE. This format has benefits and important working considerations.


  • One file to track, instead of a multitude of files. Tabs/Sheets can be printed or saved as PDF individually for record-keeping.
  • The ability to pull information and display information from one tab to another helps to streamline the processes/information. This may prevent some flipping between multiple files/forms to review information.


  • Both the evaluator and the principal can see and access all of the tabs at all times.
  • Each person may want to draft text outside of the file if it is not desired for the other party to review before final.
  • If drafting information within the file with plans to come back and finalize, determine a communication system to indicate text as draft. Examples include using a designated fill color in a cell or adding "DRAFT" in all caps at the beginning of the text.
  • It is recommended that a communication system is agreed upon.
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Google Sheets format (link will have you make a copy in
your Google Drive)


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