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Help Center for Support of Frontline EEM Platform

Supports and resources for state model EE districts/charters in the use of the Frontline Education Employee Evaluation Management (EEM) platform.

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System Admins can mass download PDF copies of forms for HR records using Frontline's new Archived Forms Export. Check out Frontline's how-to resource (you must be signed in).


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Custom Data Report Tools in the Platform

Orientation for System Admins  or Evaluators

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Tracking Progress in Detail View
Frontline webinar - FREE
NOV 16 12:30 - 1:00 PM CT
Wondering if evaluations are happening in a timely manner? Do you know which evaluators may need support or which educators could use a reminder to complete a key form? Learn how to set up views to track and manage progress in EEM.

EEM Report Writer: Building a
Basic Report

Frontline webinar - FREE
DEC 13 12:30 - 1:00 PM CT
Learn the basics of configuring your own report in Evaluation Report Writer! Examples of WI reports:

  • An SLO/PPG goal review for all teachers in your building - What trends do you see in the standards alignment? Are the goals aligned to building/district priorities?
  •  What Focus Areas are indicated by your teachers (growth-focused forms)? What trends are evident? How can you use this information to provide supports for frequently identified areas?

WI Evaluations for Other Roles

State model districts and charters have access to forms that support the optional WI-developed evaluations for other staff roles not required to use the EE System (see
Who Is Required). Each evaluation's rubrics and processes are based on standards and best practices for those roles. Be sure to review the role-specific evaluation information linked below. Those roles include:

Pupil Services:
    School Nurse
    School Psychologist
    Social Worker
    School Counselor

Considering the use of any of these evaluations in your Frontline Education site?
Click the "Submit a Request" button above for more information or to request setup.