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Help Desk for Support of Frontline EEM Platform - General




Documentation of PPG Integrated into the SLO Process
(starting 2022-23)

Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, state model districts have the flexibility to integrate the Professional Practice Goal (PPG) process into the Student/School Learning Objective (SLO) process. The educator can identify, target, and document professional growth aligned to the SLO goal as part of the instructional strategies (for teachers) and leadership strategies (for principals).

For flexibility process details:  WI EE User Guide for Teacher Evaluation

Documentation Setup Options to support this process:
If your district or independent charter wants to adopt this implementation practice/process, see the recommendations below on how to utilize your existing local Frontline setup to support the process. Contact us through the "submit a request" button above if you have questions.

If your local Frontline setup uses:

  • Legacy form templates (where the SLO and PPG forms are separate components)
    The PPG component/instance (with its 3 forms) can be set to “zero instances” so that it no longer appears as a required process. This setting would need to be set on the forms in each evaluation type (supporting and summary years). 

    The PPG component could then still be added to an individual’s forms (in the Process View) for individuals who may want to focus on an area of practice not aligned to their SLO, or for individuals who may be on a plan of improvement where documentation of a targeted professional growth goal may be beneficial.

    NOTE: The PPG component should not be deleted as it may cause errors in areas of the platform.
  • Growth-focused form templates (3 forms in an "Educator Effectiveness Plan" component)
    Local administrations could have chosen to set the fields on the forms as "all fields required" or "only the SLO & PPG goal statements required". Consider your local settings.

    It is recommended that educators complete the PPG fields which are set as required on each of the forms with "N/A". This practice should be communicated to all who interact with the forms.

    NOTE: The PPG fields on the forms should not be deleted from forms. Deletion can cause lost data entered in previous years.

Contact us through the "Submit a Request" at the top of the page if assistance is needed in changing settings.