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Teacher EE Process Forms

EE Documentation & Management Options

Districts and 2R charters using the state model have options for tools to support, document, and create records for the EE learning-centered processes and evidence. Select pieces of any option may be chosen for use and/or combined in ways that work well within each district's local context.

See Options for EE Process Documentation & Management for detailed considerations associated with different options that can utilize the forms below.

Teacher EE Process Forms

We are excited to offer growth-focused Educator Effectiveness (EE) System record-keeping tools to better support your local processes! While you can choose to continue to use previous versions of the Google forms, we hope that these new record-keeping options better support you in your growth-focused processes.

  • Self-Review to identify areas for growth or areas of strength.
  • New Professional Growth Portfolio that displays all information from all EE processes and tabs for a one-stop shop to review, reflect, and download for record-keeping.
  • Ability to establish agreed-upon Danielson components of focus for the year on the Professional Growth Portfolio. The areas of focus are then displayed across tabs to focus evidence collection and professional conversations.
  • New Professional Conversations Log to flexibly document growth conversations, identifying areas of achievement and growth as well as next steps.

Streamlined Record-Keeping

This new version of EE forms is formatted to have ALL of the Educator Effectiveness (EE) process forms combined into ONE FILE. This format has benefits and important working considerations.


  • One file to track, instead of a multitude of files. Tabs/Sheets can be printed or saved as PDF individually for record-keeping.
  • The ability to pull information and display information from one tab to another helps to streamline the processes/information. This may prevent some flipping between multiple files/forms to review information.


  • Both the evaluator and the teacher can see and access all of the tabs at all times.
  • Each person may want to draft text outside of the file if it is not desired for the other party to review before final.
  • If drafting information within the file with plans to come back and finalize, determine a communication system to indicate text as draft. Examples include using a designated fill color in a cell or adding "DRAFT" in all caps at the beginning of the text.
  • It is recommended that a communication system is agreed upon.

Teacher Professional Growth Portfolio

Google Sheets icon

Google Sheets format (link will have you make a copy in your Google Drive)
Download:   Teacher Professional Growth Portfolio 

(optional) End-of-Cycle Summary

Certified staff is required to receive an evaluation in writing their first year of employment and at least every third year thereafter. When EE processes are implemented as a collaborative, learning-centered process every year, where continuous ongoing feedback occurs on all 22 rubric components throughout the Effectiveness Cycle, summative documentation is not required in a Summary Year. Levels of performance should be discussed at the critical attribute level. Overall scores are not required. The evaluator and educator should identify areas of focus (components) for the coming EE Cycle. (WI Teacher EE User Guide page 41 and WI Principal EE User Guide page 41). Therefore, use of the End-of-Cycle Summary form is optional.

Download previous versions of the Teacher EE Process forms in Google format.


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