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Teacher EE Process Forms

EE Documentation & Management Options

Districts and 2R charters using the DPI model have options for tools to document and manage EE learning-centered processes and evidence. Select pieces of any option may be chosen for use and/or combined in ways that work well within each district's local context.

See Options for EE Process Documentation & Management for detailed considerations associated with different options that can utilize the forms below.

2020-21 Teacher EE Process Forms

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Teacher Self-Review

Educator Effectiveness Plan (EEP):

Professional Practice Goal (PPG)

Student Learning Objective (SLO) Planning, Monitoring, & Self-Summary

Artifact Portfolio

Effectiveness Cycle Artifact Portfolio (sorts all artifacts by component)



Observation forms:

Observation Evidence Collection & Feedback (aggregating/compiling - including all evidence from all observation sorted by component for End-of-Cycle Summary review)

Pre- & Post-Announced Observation Forms:

Announced Observation Teacher Planning

Announced Observation Teacher Reflection

End-of-Cycle Summary

End-of-Cycle Teacher Reflection

End-of-Cycle Summary