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Educator Effectiveness Latest News

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Annual Educator Effectiveness Evaluation Update

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is discontinuing its affiliation with the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (UW-Milwaukee) for an...

Teachscape No Longer Available: New Evaluator Certification & Calibration Resources 2022-23

  History DPI has required and provided the Teachscape online platform to state model districts and charters for the certification, calibration,...
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Frontline Education Update Coming Summer 2022: My Growth Journey dashboard

  COMING IN JULY: Frontline Gets a New Look We are pleased to announce Frontline’s plan to roll out an improved landing page for all Wisconsin...

New Survey Tools for Districts to Capture Student & Families Racial Equity Perceptions

The Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Research Partnership (WEERP), a partnership between  University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University Wisconsin-...

State Model EE Districts Can Upgrade & Streamline Documentation

  The Educator Effectiveness (EE) System has evolved from feedback Over the last 7 years of EE System implementation, as local implementation has...
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Teachscape Focus 2.0

Across the past few years, educators have informed DPI of outdated videos included in the Teachscape Focus certification and calibration tool....
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Reorganizing the Professional Culture in Wisconsin Schools to Eliminate Racial Achievement Gaps

Reorganizing the Professional Culture in Wisconsin Schools to Eliminate Racial Achievement Gaps In this longitudinal study of Wisconsin schools, the...
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Adding Eyes to Maximize Educator Effectiveness (EE)

Article submission by: Kathy Andreasen, Principal & Educator Effectiveness Implementation Coordinator, Baraboo School District The field of...

A District’s Journey Towards Learning-Centered Evaluation: Wausau School District

Article submission by: Chris Nyman, Coordinator of Professional Learning, Wausau School District Andrea Sheridan, Director of Teaching, Learning and...

Educator Effectiveness: The Foundation for Individual and Organizational Improvement

Article by Kimberly Hill I recently attended a training on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) alongside district educator teams from across the...