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State Model EE Districts Can Upgrade & Streamline Documentation

Wednesday, March 31, 2021


The Educator Effectiveness (EE) System has evolved from feedback

Over the last 7 years of EE System implementation, as local implementation has deepened, DPI has continued to listen to feedback from educators and shifted guidance and messages about implementation to better support the guided, individualized, self-determined professional growth and development of educators. However, the process forms originally designed to meet the needs of the initial stage of implementation haven’t changed to match the deeper understanding and integration of the EE System for educators.

Education has been transformed

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on so many areas that are in need of change. The most forefront of those areas was how to meet the various needs of students, their families, and the local community. And yet, the people who passionately and tenaciously took on the front lines of meeting those needs, our teachers and building leaders, also faced new and often overwhelming challenges.

The DPI Educator Development and Support Team provided resources regarding flexibilities and to focus new mindset “frames” on ways to utilize the EE System not as an “evaluation” system, but as a collaborative support system for educators.

We’ve Heard You

We have been in awe of all of you, across the state, during these times. We have been touched and honored to collaborate with local leaders across the state to support the flexibilities and support frames to meet local needs. We listened with open minds to bold and brutally honest feedback during virtual Listening Sessions with teachers, principals, and other evaluators.

We heard you say that forms:
- can be burdensome and time-consuming
- can be redundant to ongoing growth conversations
- don’t support educators at different stages of professional maturity
- need to be supplemented with other professional growth forms

21-22 Form Upgrades

New form options that streamline processes and provide deeper supports to frequent ongoing professional growth conversations will be available for adoption in the Frontline Education platform and in Google format (downloadable from our website).

  • In mid-April, state model district leaders will be contacted directly with the details of the new form options and available customizations, decision-making considerations, and a list of supports.
  • April through early June, district leaders can review the options and have local discussions to decide what documentation setup best aligns to local EE processes and documentation needs.
  • Early June, district leaders will be able to sign up to have their Frontline site set up to their specifications by Frontline Education Technical Support. Google forms will be available for download and local setup.


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