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Resources and Training

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Professional Development and Training

Videos, online modules, and virtual professional development opportunities that can be used as for self-guided review, small group/PLC, or large scale inservice, as well as training materials for local training facilitation.

Professional Development & Training


Required Processes & Flexibilities

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What's Required?  6 EE Processes

Brief overview of the six learning-centered processes required in the System. See the more detailed individual requirements resources on this page for descriptions of robust implementation that lead to meaningful results.


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EE System Flexibilities

Available implementation options that can streamline EE activities to reduce workload and provide professional supports.


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EE in Practice

Research results on the EE System linked below indicate that robust, learning-centered systemic implementation of the EE System contributes positively to schools by improving professional performance feedback and student achievement, as well as closing achievement gaps. Findings also suggest that the Wisconsin EE System improves school culture and staff retention rates.

These resources give a snapshot of beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of implementation for each of the six EE System required processes that can strongly contribute to positive outcomes.

All 6 EE in Practice resources in one

Teacher Evaluation User Guide

Teacher Evaluation
User Guide

Foundation of the learning-centered evaluation system and processes of teachers. Appendices include deeper learning opportunities.

2013 Danielson Framework for Teaching download

Principal Evaluation User Guide

Principal Evaluation
User Guide

Foundation of the learning-centered evaluation system and processes of principals and assistant principals. Appendices include deeper learning opportunities.

WI Framework for Principal Leadership download

Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Policy Guide

EE System Policy Guide

Supports the implementation of EE System requirements as outlined in WI statute, as well as local considerations related to quality implementation. Includes a tool for local implementation self-assessment & System impact planning.

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Flowchart to Identify Mandated Educators

Tool to locally determine which staff members must be evaluated using the EE System.

Staff not mandated to use the EE System? 
See WI-created, role-specific evaluations

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Guides to Learning-Centered Evaluation

Brief guides to strategies for putting the 5 learning-centered principles into action.

Teacher's Guide

Evaluator's Guide

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Evaluation Process Forms

Districts and 2R charters may choose to use the Frontline Education Professional Growth platform or download process forms in Google format. See Options for EE Documentation for consideration details.

Teacher Evaluation Process Forms - Google format

Principal Evaluation Process Forms - Google format

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Writing a Quality SLO

Focused examples of each individual section of the SLO plan that demonstrate example revision for quality, Quality Indicators, and reflection prompts that can be used by educators, evaluators, and coaches.

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Help Center for Support of Frontline Education's EEM Platform

An online support center that contains how-to articles and videos, as well as question and request submission to assist state model districts & independent charters to manage platform setup and users to navigate the platform.

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Evaluator Training, Certification, & Calibration

DPI-model evaluators of teachers fulfill initial certification or recertification requirements and calibration activity requirements by successfully completing DPI-provided training and activities.

All evaluators of teachers must complete the training before conducting observations of teacher practice.

Evaluator Training, Certification, and Calibration

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Additional Supports

CESA Collaborative Educator Development & Support Leaders

DPI has contracted with local CESAs to provide training, support, and resources. Contact your local CESA for details on offerings and requests for assistance.

NEW 2023-24 CESA Services to DPI-model Schools

DPI-model schools can access no-cost and low-cost services to provide EE support to:

  • build your school culture
  • center your EE System processes on learning
  • embed EE practices in your district goals and initiatives
  • develop your instructional leadership skills
  • design a combination of topics to meet your local needs

Check out the flyer for additional information.


Optional EE Support Personnel

Local roles can help to implement the EE System with integrity and fidelity, as well as strengthen a collaborative culture.