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WI Frontline Education Platform Growth-Focused Form Templates

The record-keeping form options are designed to support educator growth in a way that is flexible and configurable to align with your local EE processes. We developed them to allow for adjustable support of individual educators at different stages in their professional careers. We hope that these options support you and your educators in your local vision for continuous improvement systems.

District leaders can review these template options, aligned to local processes and purposes of EE record-keeping, and decide which forms options you want to use.

Growth-Focused Advantages

  • Advanced Customization: Start with a basic setup option and customize further to support your district needs.
  • Increased Flexibility: Flexibility in a variety of areas, including who completes growth summary tasks in specific years of the cycle (educator, evaluator, or both).
  • Focus on Growth: Better recognition of areas of strength, and targeted focus on identifying and developing areas for growth.
  • Automatic Sharing: Automatic sharing and display of key information between forms eliminate the need to jump back and forth.
  • Data for Systems Integration: documentation that generates district system-level data reports

Setup Options

DPI is offering multiple setup options that you can further configure to support your local EE processes. We’ve created resources and tools to help you decide what will work best for you and your staff.

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PDFs of Form Templates: View each of the new form templates for teacher, principal, as well as the asst. principal evaluation.
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Deep Dive into the Details: Information you need, including a worksheet, with which to create the setup that works best for your district.
                Form Template Details & Considerations
                Setup Options & Worksheet


Want these forms set up in your state model Frontline platform?

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