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Help Desk for Support of Frontline EEM Platform - General



"My Growth Journey" Dashboard

Newly available July 2022

Purpose:  "My Growth Journey" is a learner-focused dashboard of tools. It brings together data and information from Employee Evaluation Management (EEM), as well as Professional Learning Management (PLM) and Learning and Collaboration Resources (LCR) if users have directly purchased those additional products.

For optimal use: Local sites would need access through a direct contract with Frontline for Professional Learning Management (PLM) and/or Learning and Collaboration Resources (LCR) products.

To Access follow the path:   the "Insights" tab in the left navigation bar

See these Frontline Education resources below for details. (Note: You must be signed in to your Frontline platform to access.)

My Growth Journey Overview (four-minute video walkthrough)

Informational Webinar (34-minute recording)

My Growth Journey Course (9 short lessons focused on how users can monitor their professional growth tools)