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Rollover Resources


What is Rollover?

Rollover is the annual process of archiving the current year’s data in the Frontline Education Professional Growth platform and automatically moving active users to the new evaluation year. 

Who should complete the annual rollover?

We recommend one or two people per organization be provided access to complete the rollover, though all educators and evaluators can help ensure that all forms are complete and finalized in advance of the cycle end date.

2022-23 Rollover Guide

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The Rollover Guide provides Frontline platform administrators in DPI model districts and independent charters:

  • a Preparation for Rollover Checklist - Completing these few steps to prepare for rollover can make the process faster and easier at the actual time of the rollover.
  • detailed steps and screenshots for completing the Rollover process

Note: It is recommended to bookmark this article to reference the Rollover Guide. Downloading the rollover guide to your computer is not advised, as changes may be made between now and your rollover date.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I rollover employees who are leaving my organization?

Yes. Complete the current cycle through the rollover process by clicking Finalize-Only. Once the rollover is complete, the account can be inactivated.

What do I do if staff leave mid-year?

Rollover the staff before inactivation by clicking Finalize-Only in the process view or Finalize-Only Selected Users in the rollover tool.