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Resources and Supports for Continuous Improvement

Access Supports

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Technical Assistance Network

Staff at your CESA—including data experts trained in the WISExplore process—are ready to provide coordinated supports.

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Leading for Learning

An annual summit kicks off a year-long series of professional development opportunities for school-based teams. 

Key Resources for Continuous Improvement

  • FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION: Visit the Federal Identifications page for requirements and additional resources.
  • IMPROVEMENT FRAMEWORK: The Continuous Improvement Process Criteria and Rubric includes "accomplished" and "exemplary" descriptors used for monitoring and review related to federal identifications (see the key on page 6).
  • DATA TOOLS: (Find additional information on the  Federal Identifications page.)
    • The Data Inquiry Journal (DIJ) is designed to support you through the needs assessment and planning processes. Find it under the User Application icon in WISEdash for Districts
    • The Resource Inequity Data Tool, housed in the Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE) system, helps you examine resource allocation to ensure equity. 
  • OTHER TOOLS: The WISELearn educator portal offers targeted resources to support improvement activities, such as the selection of an evidence-based improvement strategy.
  • FUNDING: Visit the CSI Grants page for funding opportunities related to Comprehensive Support & Improvement (CSI) school identifications.