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Resources and Supports for Continuous Improvement

To help all students have the chance to succeed, we want to empower decision makers at every level of the educational system to engage in a rigorous continuous improvement process.

Access Supports

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Technical Assistance Network for Improvement

New coordinated supports are available, and staff at your CESA—including data experts trained in the WISExplore process—are ready to help you.

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Leading for Learning

The annual Leading for Learning Summit kicks off a year-long series of professional development opportunities for school-based teams: Leading for Learning: Achieving Educational Equity

Resources for Continuous Improvement

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  • To help put all the pieces of continuous improvement together and support your progress, we've created a draft rubric for effective continuous improvement. It can help you see each step of your own process with new eyes and fuel your improvement team with fresh ideas. 
  • If you are engaging in continuous improvement without TA Network support, you can access the Data Inquiry Journal directly for needs assessment and planning support. Look under the User Application icon in WISEdash for Districts.
  • Visit the Federal Identifications page for suggested steps, timelines, and other information and guidance specific to identified schools and districts.
  • Come back soon for a link to a new spot on the WISELearn portal where you can dive deeper into the improvement process.

Grant Opportunities

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Rigorous improvement planning that leads to sustainable positive change takes time, energy, and resources. Visit the Grant Opportunities page for a list of funding sources to support your efforts, including special opportunities for schools and districts with federal identifications.