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Climate Survey Information

How is the climate in your district?  And how do you know?

The US Department of Education has made surveys available to districts to assess the “climate” or environment of their schools.  Surveys are available for 1)  students (grades 5 to 12),                      2)  parents, 3)  instructional staff, and 4)  non-instructional staff.  DPI has made the four surveys available in a very user-friendly format. 

Get vital information you can use to improve the schools in your district!  High quality school climate data allows you to:
  • understand the perceptions of the students, staff, and parents in your school or district
  • monitor progress 
  • make data-driven decisions
  • involve stakeholders
  • adapt to shifting needs related to school climate

This low effort/high information opportunity is FREE to districts.

Click this link to request more information about the climate surveys.


Extraordinary growth is possible… in the right climate!

Resource Documents:

Climate Survey Information Sheet

Tips for Survey Administration and Results Interpretation