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Immunization Registry Integration

Immunization Registry Integration

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is providing an API integration solution to retrieve the student immunization records from the Department of Health Services (DHS) and pass it back to the LEA’s student information system (SIS).

Using the Immunization registry integration allows the LEA to automatically pull down immunization data from the Wisconsin Immunization Registry, also called WIR into their SIS. This includes vaccine groups, vaccine codes, administration dates, and other details. This automation not only saves significant amounts of staff time but also improves the accuracy of immunization data entered in the SIS.

This new integration is an opt-in feature for LEAs, meaning LEAs have to actively take action in order to show their interest in using this feature.

Required Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) Setup

Each individual school must have an active account in the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR), which must be set up at the school level, not at the district level. The WIR account setup can happen prior to your vendor completing integration work.

Opt in to Immunization Data Sharing

If you elect to use this Immunization registry integration, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into WISEhome and select WISEadmin Portal from the list of applications.

  • If you don't see WISEadmin Portal on WISEhome, you can request access through WISEhome. Note that you will need the District Admin role in order to access the opt-in acknowledgment. You can request a specific role in the comments of your access request in WISEhome.

2. In WISEadmin Portal, select Administrator Acknowledgment.

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3. Scroll down to the Immunization Data Sharing panel.

4. Select District Opt-in and click Save.

opting in to the immunization registry integration

Enable Immunization Integration in Your SIS

Once your schools are set up in WIR and opt-in is selected in WISEadmin, the final step is to turn on the immunization integration on your SIS. Please reach out to your SIS vendor for instructions on how to enable the immunization feature. Currently, the following SIS vendors and products have enabled immunization registry integration:


  • Skyward - Student Management Suite (SMS 2.0)

  • Skyward - Qmlativ

  • JMC

  • Infinite Campus
  • PowerSchool

Need help?

We appreciate your patience as we collaborate to support you. WIR set-up involves a partnership between WISEdata, the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (DHS), and your vendor, which may result in additional time or email exchanges between these entities.

  • New enrollment: Prior to enrolling, be sure to have an LEA access code from your District Superintendent and Opt in to Immunization Data Sharing (See above). If assistance is needed, email
  • Enrolled but struggling: If you have previously Opt in to Immunization Data Sharing, contact or your vendor.

Wisconsin DHS Vaccine Code List

The most up to date vaccine codes are available on the Vaccine Code List (.XLS) managed by DHS. If you have questions regarding the content on this list, contact

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