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Acknowledgment of Data Submission in WISEdata

Each school year WISEdata users will need to read and acknowledge a formal statement declaring their intent to maintain and submit high quality data to the Department of Public Instruction. Users will see this acknowledgment text the first time logging in to the application and annually once the application transitions to the next school year.

The text is as follows:

The LEA acknowledges that all data are submitted to DPI per state and federal reporting requirements. Data related to a specific snapshot based on the schedule below is submitted BEFORE the snapshot date. The LEA understands that unlike prior years in the previous data reporting process, the final snapshot date may not be delayed to accommodate late submissions.

It is the responsibility of the LEA to ensure that all data is submitted without Errors or Unacknowledged Warnings for each snapshot. Many tools are available to help with data quality review. The LEA acknowledges that the data submitted is used for federal reporting and state reporting, including WISEdash and the District and School Report Cards. The LEA acknowledges that there is no longer an inquiry process related to the report cards and that the data submitted through WISEdata is the data used for the report cards. It is the responsibility of the LEA to ensure that the data accurately reflects the data in their SIS at the time of the snapshot which shall be used for the report cards and not changed at a later date.

The LEA acknowledges that the appropriate administrator(s) understands the data being submitted for the specific program area which is included in a data snapshot. For example, for the October 1 Child Count, please make sure that your Director of Special Education/Pupil Services and Special Education Secretary are involved in the data quality review. The LEA acknowledges they have reviewed the data prior to the final snapshot. The LEA shall notify DPI if they are not getting a response from their SIS vendor that is prohibiting them from submitting error-free data for the snapshot. DPI can assist with testing and problem resolution with the SIS if an issues comes up.

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