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Private Schools, Choice and Non-Choice: Data Reporting Information

Private Schools and WISEdata


Wisconsin does collect data from private schools. Annually, Wisconsin private schools submit the PI-1207 private school report online using the web-based PI-1207 Data Collection application. See the Private School Specific Data Resources section below for additional information.

Schools that opt to participate in some programs may have additional data reporting requirements. Not all private schools are Choice schools, but all Choice schools are private schools. Choice schools have data reporting requirements based on state and federal legislation.

For example, schools that participate in the Private School Choice Programs are required to submit certain data through WISEdata. Please see the Private School Choice Program Specific Data Resources section below for related resources.

The Other DPI Resources for Private Schools includes some additional links and resources that may be helpful to private schools. All of the items reported by Choice schools are also required to be reported by public and charter schools.

 NOTE: Please note this web page is not meant to provide a comprehensive list of all reporting requirements for private (Choice and non-Choice) schools. You may benefit from visiting the following pages:

Private School Specific Data Resources


Submit PI-1207 Data Online

Notifications Portal: To use this portal, click the link, then:

  • Type ‘Ctrl + F’ from your keyboard to access the Search tool
  • Type PI-1207, Choice, or other keywords into the search bar 
  • Click enter, and results will be highlighted.

Home-based private Education (homeschooling)

Private School Choice Program Specific Data Resources


Choice Schools Annual Tasks Checklist web page

Choice Schools Snapshot Graduation Data Prep

Choice/Private school specific required data elements:

  • Visit the Data Elements webpage
  • Use the ‘School Type’ filter to select either Choice or Private
  • Click ‘Apply' and and results will be highlighted.

Private School Choice Programs

WISEid Quick Start Guide for Choice Schools

WISEdash Extracts for Choice Schools

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